Principle of Shenwu Regenerative High Temperature Air Combustion (HTAC) Technology


Scheme A for regenerative combustion technology – 

Buner A (flue gas exhaust), Burner B (combustion)




Schematic B for regenerative combustion technology – 

Burner A (combustion), Burner B (flue gas exhaust)


Regenerative combustion technology works using the regenerator in burners to complete heat exchange between exhausted flue gas and combustion air, in the meanwhile achieves effects of high thermal efficiency, energy saving and low emissions as well. Regenerator is made of special ceramics, which is characterized as large surface for heat exchanging, good heat conductivity and heat resistance, and high thermal efficiency. Regenerative burners are installed on both sides of furnace in pairs. For any pair of regenerative burners, while one burner is doing combustion, the other is absorbing flue gas. After a fixed time, two burners are switched that the combustion one changes to do absorption and the absorption one changes to do combustion. This cycle is repeated constantly. As shown above in Scheme A, burner A is absorbing flue gas. The high temperature flue gas flows into the regenerator chamber from top and leaves from bottom. Its heat is absorbed and stored inside the regenerator. Therefore, when flue gas leaves from bottom, its temperature has been reduced significantly. Oppositely, burner B is in combustion condition. Combustion air enters the regenerator chamber from bottom and leaves from top. When combustion air passes, the regenerator releases heat to preheat up the air to a high temperature, which is only 50C-100C lower than the high temperature flue gas. Once switch is completed (See Scheme B shown above), burner B will do flue gas absorption, and burner A will be in combustion condition.


Characteristics of Shenwu regenerative high temperature air combustion technology


※ Thermal efficiency of various types of industrial furnaces and boilers can be increased, an average energy saving rate of above 30% can be achieved; 

※ Because of the low temperature of exhausted flue gas, waste heat recovery system is not required generally.

※ Temperature uniformity in chamber of various types of industrial furnaces and boilers can be improved;

※ Various types of fuels with low calorific value or low grade can be upgraded and used, consequently saving the high quality fuels;

※ Emission of harmful gases like CO2, NOx etc. can be reduced;

※ Flame temperature in chamber of industrial furnaces can be increased;

※ The high level heat can be kept in chamber of industrial furnaces;

※ Radiation heat transfer efficiency in chamber of various types of industrial furnaces and boilers can be increased.


Application fields of Shenwu regenerative high temperature air combustion technology

※ Metallurgical and mechanical industry: various types of pusher type reheating furnace, walking hearth type reheating furnace, heat treatment furnace, forging furnace, melting furnace, ladle/tundish pre-heater, soaking furnace, radiant tube combustor, bell-type furnace, blast furnace hot air furnace, RHF for direct reduction, etc. 

※ Building material industry: various types of ceramic kiln, glass kilns, etc.

※ Chemical industry: various types of tube-type heating furnace, cracking furnace, rotary hearth carbonization and pyrolysis device, etc.

※ Steam/hot water power industry: various types of oil- and gas-fired boiler.

※ Other industries: various types of industrial furnace.