Solutions for High Efficiency Extraction of Unconventional Fossil Energy  

The reserves of Unconventional fossil energies such as oil shale, lignite, long flame coal, oil sand, shale gas are rich in the world, oil and gas amount contained in unconventional fossil energies is 5 times more than the reserves of the proved petroleum and natural gas, China ranks the fourth in the world of the reserves of the proved unconventional fossil energies. With depletion of petroleum and natural gas, how to develop and use these unconventional fossil energies will become increasingly tight, a good extraction process and technology have not been found in China so far. After many years of exploration and experiments, Shenwu solved this problem by using fossil energy development and usetechnology innovated from Shenwu core energy saving combustion technology.

Unconventional fossil energies high efficiency low cost development and use technology innovated by Shenwu includes:
(1)Regenerative rotary bed carbonization and cracking technology;
(2)Multi-stage hydrogenation fluidized bed carbonization and gasification technology;
(3)Low heating value solid fuel regenerative entrained bed combustion technology;
(4)Large scale low pressure pulverized coal gasification technology;
The development and industrialization of these new processes and technologies will help remediating the presentsituation of China petroleum supply unhealthy dependence on import, and form a sustainable development energy structure to ensure energy security in China.