Lean iron ore, complex iron ore and refractory iron ore account for above 90% in total 60 billion iron ore reserves in China, other ores, such as copper ore, bauxite, manganese ore, nickel ore, phosphorus ore are the same. The present situation is that most of ores are lean ores, high grade ore is rare, as a result smelting process now has to depend on import for high quality ore. Faced with this reality, non-blast furnace ironmaking process is developed at this time. After many years of exploration and experiments, Shenwu developed new high effective clean smelting technology and new process suitable for poor quality ferrous metal ores and poor quality non-ferrous metal ores. The new technology and process includes: coal based rotary hearth furnace direct reduction ironmaking technology, gas based shaft furnace direct reduction ironmaking technology, fluidized bed reduction ironmaking technology, one step top blowing smelting reduction furnace technology for ferrous ores and non-ferrous ores, high temperature rotary hearth furnace for extraction of iron nugget etc. The technology is suitable for developing the following resources: vanadium-titanium magnetite, low grade refractory ore (oolitic hematite, super-fine particle magnetite, limonite, siderite), iorn ore containing superstandard P, S,Pb,Sn,K,Na,Zn,As, laterite-nickel ore, pyrites, residue after extraction of copper, nickle, aluminum, plumbum, zinc, stannum, vitriol, dust and slurry containing iron in steel plant.
After several years of effort, Shenwu completed two rotary hearth furnaces for extraction of vanadium-titanium magnetite of SiChuan LOMON and Pangang Group, rotary hearth furnace (800,000 tons/year) for extraction of refractory ore of Rockcheck Steel Group, as well as dust and soild waste treatment project (300, 000 tons/year) of Shagang Group on a turnkey basis. In addition, Shenwu built a gas-based direct reduction ironmaking production line with annual capacity of 25000 tons in its own laboratory. Shenwu accumulated a wealth of experience in these projects, and established a solid foundation for implement of non-blast furnace ironmaking project in the future.

Typical projects


Comprehensive utilization project of vanadium-titanium resources of Pangang Group





Rotary hearth furnace direct reduction project of Rockcheck Steel Group






Solid waste integrated treatment and resources recovery and utilization project(300, 000 tons/year) of Shagang Group






Vanadium-titanium magnetite rotary hearth furnace gas-based direct reduction –electrical furnace deep reduction and smelting & separation new process of SiChuan LOMON Group