In the end of 2006, Shenwu Research Institute (“the Institute”) was established on the basis of the former research center. It has employed experts and middle-to-young ages technical backbone persons from both domestic and abroad in the fields of thermal engineering, chemical engineering, metallurgy, mechanical and automation, and that brings disciplines and outstanding innovation capacity, The main responsibilities of the Institute include: scheming general technology development plan for Shenwu Corp.; making specialized technology R&D plan and scheduled working plan; organizing and carrying out basic experiment, small test and pilot test of scientific research projects; studying and analyzing the maturity and reliability of pilot test results in respect to industrial application; integrating process modules to provide energy-saving and emission-reduction process package for customers in collaboration with design institutes; playing a leading role in R&D of cutting-edge technology of industry, and combining technical market resources to realize integrated technology innovation of multi-disciplines and cross-industries; instructing technical center of all subsidiaries to assist them in solving technical problems from product and engineering application as well as solving key technical problems.


As Shenwu Corp.’s energy-saving technology is continuously expanding its application areas, the Institute will further construct its talent team by employing professionals and talents in fields of thermal engineering, thermal power generation, fluid mechanics, metallurgy, petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, oil refining-chemical industry, geology, mining, ore dressing, mechanical and automation control.


R&D innovation encouraging mechanism: under the concept of people-oriented spirit, Shenwu Corp. according to the characteristics of R&D team and researching projects has established a series of management and encouraging mechanism to assure technical innovation continuity. The researchers’ work and R&D quality is evaluated through multi-angle examining system. Their employment and working position is depending on their work attitude and R&D achievement. One R&D team is prized with a proper portion of profit that their R&D project brings to the company within one year. The key researcher is appointed as chief expert, who is enjoying special allowance during their employment.


Intellectual property protection: employing experienced attorney in Intellectual Property Rights area to assist the Institute with the protection of Shenwu Corp’s intellectual properties. The work is under scientific, rigorous survey and analysis, and includes establishing IPR globalization protection strategy, founding and improving patent compensatory transfer and licensing system as well as core staff confidential system etc..


Pilot plant base construction: Since 2009, Shenwu Corp. with great assistance and collaboration of relevant experts, has established a large scale energy-conservation and emission-reduction scientific research base, which is  invested RMB 0.3 billion. This domestic-leading laboratory has been already put into use. It integrates energy-saving technologies and typical projects into three industrial fields, 10 sets of large scale pilot test platforms and 15 important technology research directions. It not only fastens the speed of Shenwu Corp.’s proprietary technologies industrialization, but also makes positive and significant influences to the promotion of energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies in global high energy consuming industries.


Moreover, the Institute takes advantages of the state level post-doctoral research workstation, by the way of setup specialized R&D fund, scholarship and grants, signing cooperation agreement and other activities, to intensify the recruitment and education of post doctors in relevant fields. Additionally, the Institute has established a petrochemical engineering joint research institute with China University of Petroleum to pursue new process research work in oil refining, petrochemical and coal chemical industries, as well as new reactor and its connecting devices compatible with new processes; the Institute has also established periodic scientific research exchange and horizontal cooperation relationship with colleges, universities and scientific research institutes such as Tsinghua University, University of Science and Technology Beijing, Northeastern University, Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics and Coal Science Research Institute to jointly undertake national, ministerial and provincial level research projects, and some of them have achieved fruitful results. Upon these, the Institute has developed multi-form technical cooperations with renowned large enterprises such as China National Coal Group Corp., Xinxing Cathay International Group, Shenhua Group, Sha Gang Group and Wulan Coal Group and other international enterprises such as Indonesia TITAN Group to further promote laboratory innovation ability and the reputation among industries.